Nowhere, Not Anywhere Blue Arrangements

Spirally Arranged, Mostly Broad, and Heart-Shaped Neutral Spaces

Shostakovich’s Third Fugue X-R-A-Y

Rosewood. Certified. Sustainable. Sublunary Editions

More Momentary Violences Blue Arrangements

Okay, Alexa Fanzine

“Esther” NOON (print)

Do You Know The Muntin Man? New York Tyrant

Merchandiser Hobart

Pretty Secret Burning House Press

Hello, There New York Tyrant

I Woke Up Screaming The Collagist

Little Cackles X-R-A-Y

Yes, This Is Esther New York Tyrant

“Fentanyl Honeymoon” Vestiges (print)

Desert Baroque 7×7

Sunday Peace New York Tyrant

Coastal Zone Fanzine

Her Effigy Queen Mob’s Teahouse

Cryospheric Riff Talking Book

Ballhaus Kreisel Eyeshot

Pierrot On The Futon Hobart

Below The Chandelier Hobart

Mr. and Mrs. Krummholz Jellyfish Review

Sarcophagy at Mar-a-Lago Heavy Feather Review

The Death of James Polk Spork Press

The Dream of Mitch and Melody Corium Magazine

Diegetic Animals Miracle Monocle

Vigil at Fort Jesus Hobart

Seven Segments Sleepingfish

Actions Entropy

Agave Landscape Fanzine

Valletta Sunset Black Sun Lit

Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity Hobart

Florence Green Was 110 Untoward



Fragments from an Underground Notebook Fanzine

“Psych Ward, New Orleans” The Towner

truck stops on the jazz prairie (2011)



Review of The Oblivion Atlas  New Orleans Review

Review of A Company Man Room 220

Interview with Robert Stone Room 220